Lifting Equipment Inspection

Proof Load Testing and Thorough Examination of Lifting Equipment and Accessories

The regular inspection of lifting equipment is absolutely crucial and should take place at predetermined and agreed times during the working life of machinery.  Regular inspections help to prevent the failure of lifting equipment, which can be a potential cause of serious personal injury, significant damage to property and loss of time and money. 

We carry out thorough examinations and detailed proof load tests on all types of lifting equipment in a wide variety of industries, offshore and an array of marine vessels. These include:

  • Tower cranes, overhead travelling cranes (OHTCs) and gantry cranes
  • Mobile cranes and variable reach trucks
  • Runway beams and swing jibs
  • Lifeboat / life raft davit winches
  • Powered hoists, utility winches and manual winches
  • Man-riding winches
  • Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs)
  • Integrated and non-integrated man-riding baskets
  • Fork-lift trucks and stackers
  • Man-made fibre slings, wire rope, wire rope slings and fittings
  • Chain slings, shackles and hooks
  • Open wedge sockets, eye bolts and pad eyes
  • Rigging screws / turnbuckles
  • Manual hoists (chain blocks) and lever hoists (pull lifts)
  • Wire rope hoists (tirfors)
  • Beam clamps, beam trolleys and lifting clamps
  • Sheave blocks / crane blocks
  • Hydraulic cylinders, jacks and pumps

Global Inspection Solutions performs the annual inspection and testing of hoisting and lifting equipment on Cyprus Flag Vessels on behalf of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, which is approved by the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance of the Republic of Cyprus as an International Organization for these inspection services (Official Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus no. 4477, Annex III, Part I, published on 11.02.2011).

Equipment inspected under this service includes: 

  • Provision cranes
  • Deck service cranes
  • Provision platforms
  • Main and auxiliary deck cranes
  • Lifeboat and life raft davits
  • Utility winches
  • Engine room overhead travelling cranes
  • Powered hoists
  • Quad assemblies